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How to get rid of Indian Summer Tan and dark spots – The effective Face Whitening Combo l Jiore’s Kuria Serum & Vigwa  It is an effective face whitening combo that clears dark spots, reduces pigmentation and sun damage. It i an ultimate combo that lightens the skin tone from it’s first use. Hi my loves! So I just came back from my Goa Trip, full of memories and a prominent sun tanned skin. Summers are awesome. From our pretty beach wear dresses to breezy sea-sides, everything about summer is amazing – except the sun tan that sticks to your skin and never goes back!  We all know that tan can become stubborn and stay for a long time on our skin. Not just that, it also leaves dark spots and unnecessary pigmentation on the skin that damages and deteriorates the quality of our skin.  I too experienced the same as I am from Delhi and the sun in Delhi…