Well, hello ladies! It feels like an awfully long time since we last saw each other but I am back with some Holy Grail skin care routine for you. I know, I know your inner goddess is taking a sip from her cosmopolitan and saying ‘victory’. Believe it or not, skin care is, indeed, the best and the only way to a step towards leading a life with no regrets. Did I just exaggerate? Well, I’d say no because as much as everyone deserves to have a clear, Korean-like skin, as much is it underrated. But again, who wouldn’t want to get into a skin care tips for beauty which only consists of some readily available kitchen ingredients? Yes, y’all you read it right, today it’s all about your skin, and the easiest way to achieve it. Continue reading below to discover 10 most important and easy-to-do skin care home remedies and know glowing skin secrets.

Skin Care Home Remedies


  • An exit from the Pimple-land

working out

It wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t start my tips from eliminating the damn pimples, would it? According to science, the major reason to recurring pimples is the oil glands and its build-up. The most effective way to make sure that you are working towards the right direction is by healthy eating, such as incorporating roughage, and eliminating oily and fried food.

  • Make friends with Apple Cider Vinegar

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Now, listen up close when I say that Apple Cider Vinegar is my Holy Grail product. One can never have enough of ACP and it has innumerable benefits. Two ways to incorporate it in your daily skin care regime is to use it as a toner, and to drink an ACP shot first thing in the morning. Glowy skin, healthy hair and no more upset stomach are a few promised results. Make Sure to dilute the apple cider vinegar and then use it. Buy it on Amazon https://amzn.to/2xl9ttt

  • Neem to the rescue


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It not unknown a fact that neem has been used for ages and ages as a skin care product. It’s safe to say that it still holds on to its legacy like forever. I’d recommend you grind some dried neem leaves and mix it with your weekly mud mask to make for a natural skin care routine for acne. You can even make a neem paste, if not just a mud mask. Don’t apply it more than twice a week.

  • No more Chapped lips

ghee on luscious lips

Is it just me or does everyone suffers from 24×7 chapping lips? But I can safely say that I’m cure of this everlasting curse and rightly so. It was just about time that I began to think about my grandmother’s remedy that is to apply ghee on the lips. Trust me, I couldn’t ask for softer lips! Best if you apply lukewarm ghee.

  • Turmeric magic

applying turmeric on face and body for fair skin

Wonders of turmeric are not unknown but did you know it could prevent hair growth at unwanted places such as, face and the under arms. How well does it sounds to think that no more painful underarm or facial wax? Daily application of turmeric paste can slow down the hair growth.

  • Honey over Botox

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Honey is not just known to sweeten your breakfast pancakes but it has as much skin care benefits. Believe it, honey fights off pimple-causing bacteria! If only women knew this earlier there wouldn’t be as much Botox disasters as now. Yes, y’all read it right. Honey can prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin and makes your skin tone even. Just make sure it is raw honey that I am talking about, regular honey might not be as effective or easy to apply.

Ps. Before applying honey directly to your face, test a patch on your hand for allergy. Often, people are allergic to honey and it could lead to rashes if applied to the face directly.

  • Coconut oil for the win


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No, coconut oil is not overrated, us humans are blessed to have it, is what I believe in! Coconut oil can help prevent oily skin, an ultimate makeup remover, a sunscreen, and perfect exfoliate. When it comes to me, I prefer to apply a few drops of coconut oil on my face first thing so that any product is not in direct contact with my skin yet gives a fine, matte look.

  • Wonderful Aloe Vera

how to use aloe vera on face

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Wondering how to get glowing skin overnight? Aloe Vera is not only good for skin, but your scalp and hair just as much. It’s just about time to start growing Aloe Vera at your home and use it religiously, and daily. Just cut the Aloe Vera in half and apply its pulp directly to your face, scalp and hair. It’s best used to fight bad bacteria, anti-ageing treatment, prevents dandruff and improve hair growth. So, take care of your Aloe Vera plant for it will take care of you.

  • The one with lemons

skin whitening home remedies

Well, you know what they say? When life gives you lemons you just don’t make lemonade out of it. It’s a big time fighter and one can’t get enough of them. Lemon is the best Skin whitening miracle. Lemon helps fighting off bad bacteria, acne causing elements, stretch marks, and ageing effects. Dilute the lemon juice in 4 times the water since citric acid in lemon is highly concentrated. Apply it to the affected area, such as acne region, stretch marks or wrinkles and fine lines and leave it overnight.

  • Water is king

Drinking Water to keep skin hydrated

Well, ladies I’m sure y’all might have read this a million times in almost every skin care article there ever was, right? But trust me when I say this, Water will and does makes all the difference. It wouldn’t be the same or the results wouldn’t be as you expected if your body was not hydrated. Hydration is simple to learn with deep science behind it. At the end of the day, skin care means elimination of the unwanted elements from the body and it wouldn’t happen without water in your system. So sister, drink water like there’s no tomorrow!

This was pretty much about it and I hope when we meet next y’all will have your success skin care stories to tell! But remember that this is not a chemical infused regime, natural products could take a while to show desired results therefore, it’s recommended to not lose your patience and give it sometime. Because you got nothing to lose when it comes to these natural tips, it’s extremely sustainable and has no side effects, whatsoever.

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