Welcome back my lovely readers, it’s been a while since we talked high end, scientific, and amazing to look at but hard to approach fashion, right? But all the fashion week madness going on around the world is giving me a major FOMO and I couldn’t help but get started to notice what’s common in every look? With New York fashion week that happened just last week, and the London Fashion Week which is happening, at the moment as you read this, I cannot help but think of all the crazy fashion moments happening right now! And I am sure you are feeling this too, aren’t you?

Trust me when I say this, the ultimate dream of every girl is to be able to live through one of these much anticipated and highly speculated fashion weeks! I don’t know about anyone else, but if you ask me, I dream my extremely extravagant looks almost every night, well, don’t laugh at me now, a girl can dream!

Well, I got to thinking about one of my favorite fashion trends and it couldn’t be anything but ‘Color Block’. And I tell you what? I am the kind who loves to play around with colors, and what’s best than playing with rules? And you know what’s best when it comes to color blocking? It is the fact that color blocking was primarily a trick discovered to style an outfit pleasing your body type which includes two or more colors and patterns. Now what’s better than looking straight out of the fashion runway, styled your best and not being a color pop disaster? I’m guessing Y’all are as ecstatic as me, which brings me to the fact that this blog post will enlighten you on colour blocking clothes and how to nail it like a total pro. Let’s get started with the blog post, already, shall we?

  • What is Color Blocking fashion?
  • The method of styling several solid colors in an outfit is known as color blocking.
  • As mentioned above, the principle says that the outfits are supposed to work around 2 or more colors.
  • It is proffered that you work around solid colors than pastels or neutrals, but either of these could be used as an element in the look and not as a base or primary color in the outfit.
  • As one could imagine, the final outcome will be very pleasing to the eyes because the color palette will be very well balanced with appropriate proportions and accessories.
  • Keep in mind the fact that, as the name suggests, a typical color blocking dress doesn’t include any patterns, what so ever, but you know what they say that there is the first time for every change, hence I decided to play around a little experiment of my own which you will know below.

Before getting into the details of how and why I created my looks, I thought it better to give you a gist of how one can color block? Therefore, continue reading below and know what the major characteristic features of color blocking are?

  • How to color block?
  • As the name suggests, and no pun intended, color blocking legit means creating blocks using a color palette.
  • The idea is to highlight the area which you feel is the best feature of your body type by styling it with bright color and the other areas with a subsequently lighter hue of the same color or could be completely different.
  • According to what the principle says about color blocking, it is best if the colors included in a colour blocking outfit lies on the opposite sides of the color wheel. But everything apart, there are no rules to fashion especially when it comes to color blocking, therefore have fun creating looks with a wide spectrum color palette!
  • One of the safest ways to play color blocking is by styling bold colors around a dark but neutral color such as; black.

Well, coming towards the end of this blog post, it is important to learn the reasons what the benefits that color blocking are provides and how exactly can it bring about a significant difference in your styling routine.

  • What are the benefits of color blocking?

Let’s have a look at the major benefits offered by color blocking below. It:

  • Is an everlasting and never-ending fashion trend
  • Have wide options to offer to a person, from colors to the choice of garment
  • Can bring about visible illusions to your body shape such as slimming, and taller looking body

Well, if you thought I was going to end my blog post just here, then you are surely mistaken. Last but not the least, comes the looks that I’ve specially created around the hottest trend of the season, color blocking! I hope all the learning’s from above and the looks that you are going to see below will give you the much-needed inspiration to create your own color block #ootds. Without causing any further delays, let’s get into my especially curated outfits for color block dresses for work, already, shall we?

  1. A Split Complementary (Orange and green)

Color BlockingI know it might sound too technical a name to understand, but listen up close ladies. As the name suggests, a split complementary outfit comprises of colors that are next to the adjacent color of your choice. Here, I chose orange and green and decided to add neutral colored heels with it. A combination such as mine here can provide the much-needed illusion of a taller body. Also, don’t forget the fact that had it been a pair of any low-waist pants, the illusion could’ve gone wrong.

  1. A tone-on-tone magic

Party-Dress-Trust me when I say this, out of all the color block outfit ideas, I love styling tone-on-tone! As the name suggests and what you can see clearly from my picture below, a tone-on-tone is the safest color blocking method. It focuses on styling tint, tone and shade of a single hue or in simple words, it means styling colors belonging to the same color family. The benefit of styling a tone-on-tone outfit, as you can see is the fact that it does not create heavy and noticeable blocks yet work its way around the same. In case you are short in height, a tone-on-tone outfit will be the best choice.

  1. Stripes to the rescue

Colour-Block-Dress-for-Work-As I mentioned above what’s new fashion if you didn’t break some rules? Here, I added stripes to my color blocked outfit and you guys, I’m definitely obsessed! I am in love with how the outfit has turned out, completely chic, in proportion, and totally fashion week worthy. As you can see, I styled a vertical striped shirt, which added an illusion of a longer torso, and the off-shoulder added a couple inches to the illusion I wanted to create. So now you know that you need not wear the mainstream high-waisted pants to look tall, well not always!

For some reason, I feel so satisfied having passed on this enlightening style inspiration with you all, yes you read that right! So now I’m going to take my leave and set off to creating another blog post and promise to enlighten you guys, forever and for sure. And I’m not doing that without hoping that you guys will keep sharing pictures if you recreate any of my looks! Have fun playing around with colors, and don’t be afraid if you end up looking like a version of Niki Minaj and Cardi B, because both of them are trending anyways, haha!

Until Next Time…

Yours Truly,

Sharon xx





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