Welcome back my lovely readers! It’s almost in time for fall and I cannot wait to start styling myself the English way with long lustrous hair. Who else here relates with me? I am not even kidding when I say that it’s every girls fantacy of having dream-like long hair, but completely low-maintenance! I am sure you girls might have side-eyed the visible difference in my hair length and the increase in volume, already? Well, girls fasten your seat belts because I am just about to unfold my newly found secret to the hair of your dreams; BEST HAIR EXTENSIONS!

Human Hair

It wasn’t too long ago, one of those nights when I was just randomly procrastinating about my hair and I found this gem of a website, namely, Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wig, and I’ll be straight up honest, I couldn’t love my hair anymore than I do now with the clip in extensions! As soon as I got my hands on these clip in human hair extensions, which by the way match so perfectly well with my original hair colour, that is ash tone with blonde highlights. I can bet it is impossible to spot any visible signs of difference; in fact, it looks more original than ever, am I right y’all?

Talking about the two looks that I created, keeping in mind to test and show the versatility of these extensions and the ease of styling them in whichever way one likes. Hence, I chose to go with a sleek, straight hair look and the other as a wavy haired look! Believe me, you these are so lightweight and easy to style that I went from straight to wavy in no time and minimum efforts! There is no way that I am not regarding these to be the best clip in hair extensions, because these are indeed, THE BEST! And yes, you read that right, these hair extensions are made from real human pieces, each and every strand used to curate any extension is made from original human hair! This adds to the reason for you to invest in these extensions and nail that fantasy-like look you have always been dreaming about.


Human Hair Extensions

AFTERBest Clip in Hair Extensions

About the brand:

Diva Divine is one of best hair extensions brand I have ever come across. They are easy to maintain, super light and you can pamper them as your own natural hair. They come in strands of contoured pieces, of different lengths both short and long and are just to be clipped in your hair and viola! The method is easy. It uses shut open and snaps shut up the sewn system. They don’t use any chemicals or heat applications and so they are subtly safe for your hair. It just needs 5 mins and you are good to go with all voluminous and healthy tresses. Divine Diva is extremely zero damage product. They are made up of 100% human hair.  The intimacy of human hair and divine diva hair extensions is very raw and long-lasting. It comes in both curly and long hair extensions.

Check out their website and discover the world of natural hair extensions all by yourself and I am sure you would be as fascinated as I am! Well, this is where I sign-off hoping that you’d all revert back with your positive experience after trying the clip in hair extensions by Diva Divine.

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Enjoy the pictures. Love xx

Best Hair Extensions

Best Human Hair ExtensionsBest Human Hair Extensions

Best Human Hair ExtensionsHuman Hair Extensions 


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